Highlight The Most Advanced Air Fryer In 2016


Surely, the strict diet has distracted a lot of individuals from enjoying the oil dishes for getting the high level of fitness. However, with the air fryer device, it is certain that the cook can freely create the attractive as well as tasty food without affecting the health. If you are the cook who is much more concerned about the kitchen accessories, please keep your eyes on reading in details the air fryer reviews on the Fryer Land website to deeply gain the new discovery with this device.

The KATOMO KA-656 Air fryer

Price: 115$

According to the description form the manufacturer, the KA-656 air fryer is structured through the advanced innovation with the Rapid Air technology. In general, the Rapid s evaluate to be the unique technology which allows air housewives with no food fried fryer when the oil is not baked KATOMO 2L capacity KA-656 enables surface crunchy foods, soft inside. Only the small amount oil or without oil, the cook can create the perfect and more delicious dishes

Product Information

  • Item code: KA-656
  • Power: 1300W
  • Voltage: 220V – 50Hz
  • Weight: 5650kg
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Temperature: 80 to 200 degrees C
  • Brand: South Korea
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Product Operating Mechanism

  • The Rapid air heating technology uses the hot stream for frying the different types of food
  • The product is designed with the high quality plastic shell, barrel furnace black or white steel stainless
  • Sleep Timer mode within 30 minutes
  • Automatically disconnect the power supply and audio signal
  • Good air filter system dry clean
  • Save time and effort cooking

In summary, it is sure that by using the oil-free fryer grill KATOMO KA-656, you can bring your family the barbecue, fried flavor, delicious healthy nutritious without causing bored because of the food grease.

How To Preserve Katomo KA-656 Device

  • Carefully take notice of the voltage applied to the baking pan
  • Regularly clean as well as dry the device
  • Avoid pouring cold water into the baking pan when the pan is hot
  • No spontaneous assembly of the boiler loose parts

The Philips Air Fryer

The Features Of The Product

The device is structured based on the Rapid Air technology in which the steam are heated up to 200 degree. This hot temperature can be able to equally distributed to the whole surface of the food through a fan which is installed inside the device. Thanks to this special feature, the food will be quickly processed within 10 or 15 minutes. Philip air fryer is designed with the estimated capacity about 1430 W. as a consequence, it can be able to fry all type of food even the whole chicken.

The Beneficial Values Of The Philips Air Fryer

Health Benefits

One of the most interesting features in the operating mechanism of the device is that it does not use oil to fry the food. Therefore, the users can freely enjoy the fried food without worrying about suffering from the fat, or even the obesity due to the hihg amount of oil contained in the food.

The Food Processing Variety

In addition to the function to make some typical types of dishes such as the fried chicken, fried potatoes, this kind of air fryer is also good at baking the sandwich, drying the food with only one pressing button.

The More Convenience In Cooking

When processing the food, especially the task of frying with the conventional method, the cook are required to stand directly next to the pan for considering as well as changing the food side. However, with the Philip air fryer, all this steps can be ignored. What the cook need to do is put the material inside the device. After that, turn it on and then set the cooking time. There is no need for them to consider the process of frying the food. At that time, cook can concentrate on their work. When the food is completely fried, the device will automatically turn off.

It is said that the process of making food will be much more comfortable with the excellent support from the Philip air fryer. We really wish that after considering this article, all of you guys will deeply understand about the great function of this device. Based on that, each individual can be able to choose the most state of the art product for daily using in your home.

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Which Is The Most Impressive Beer Fridge In 2016


Buy a refrigerator can be difficult, especially when on the market now, there are many refrigerators which look similar or almost identical. Owning the eye- catching appearance, the side-by-side beer fridge is considered as the best beer fridge. In general, this product line seems to be extremely suitable with high reliability. Let discover with us the special reason why should you this machine.

The General Introduction About The Device

Regarding of the expensive price level compared to the conventional beer the fridge freezer, the side-by-side machine is preferred by more and more households in the city.  Refrigerators side-by-side was born in 1949 but it was not until the mid-1960s, it gained the popularity in the developed countries like the US and Europe. The price of side-by-side tends to decrease but it is still the expensive refrigerator line today, with prices ranging from 750$ to over 2500$.


This type has two doors with freezer on the left and right of the freezer. The advantage of this design is that you can place frequently used foods and frozen foods in convenient reach, instead of always bent down to retrieve food. This type of refrigerator is also consistent with the narrow kitchen door because sometimes reduce the space required to open the door.


Some users have complained the freezer side-by-side do not have the enough space to store the food, although of course the capacity selection is made by them when choosing cabinets. There is a valid complaint when the side-by-side does not have enough disk space to accommodate the large size. However, large disk pantry also usually used only on major holidays or Tet so for housewives fans side-by-side. In summary, this limitation can easily be forgiven.

Many consumers ignore the disadvantages of side-by-side and pick it instead of samples above the fridge freezer is only because the side-by-side beer fridge s designed with the system through the rock by water and cabinets. Although this feature is considerable, it needs to fix more and of course will raise the overall initially cost of the fridge.

Here Are Some Notes When Buying Refrigerators Side-By-Side

The Design And Capacity

Naturally, the most important feature of the refrigerator is the area inside the cabinets to store food. Generally, side-by-side is surrounded with a capacity of 550 liters, but the operating power of some large device is up to 700 liters. Refrigerators side-by-side now is also structured with four -door type. This product helps you save electricity by only stop you need to get food instead of having to open an entire side cabinets. Depending on the circumstances and needs of you, the members of the family and available space to put the cabinets in the kitchen – you’ll choose a refrigerator-sized suit of power and size.

Formally, side-by-side is made with the stainless steel shell. In general, the shell of this beer fridge can be designed with the materials such as titanium, stainless steel or aluminum shell tiles. The stainless steel type is rated highest for reliability and luxury. However, it has a drawback as fingerprints, so you will be more difficult, because cleaning the refrigerator regularly to always shiny shell.


It is estimated that the number of racks, wing box, as well as drawer are very different. Likewise, each of the freezer and the freezer will be designed with the format based on the different quality including glass anti-human, anti-overflow, net, which are adjustable, as well as easy to pull out. Some refrigerators also have special features like tank eggs or racks of beer, and soft drinks.

Freezer And Features

As well as the freezer, freezer of various refrigerator models vary widely in the number of rates, drawers and cabinets wing box. Apart from the freezer, you should consider freezers. Many freezers dominate but the sample freezer fridge freezers senior wing integration in cabinets, freeing up space in the freezer. Other special features such as noise reduction, air filter and advanced cooling.

Water Purification, Control And Ice Using

Most, but not all side-by-side with a special control system as open alarm, locking children and remind replacement water filters.

Consumption Of Electricity And Warranty

Power consumption is one of the points you cannot ignore when buying a fridge. In many developing countries, the law also provides for manufacturers to estimate large appliances, including much electricity consumption each year.



The Deep Fryer Choice For The Best Result


If you are keen on the fried foods and want to begin to make them more appealing at your home without any trouble, it is time to look for the best deep fryer, the Fryer Land for example.

It may not be a necessary in the kitchen appliances, but it will be a great perk for those who always want to enjoy their fried food frequently or some case of parties. In other short words, this is a useful workhorse of housewives in processing the food for the whole member in your family.

There exist a good numerous deep fryers available on the current market for you to purchase. If you consider some core factors as below, you may save the time in determining the best deep fryer for your home.


You should learn about the type of quantities you desire your deep fryer to control. If you have a plan of using it for the parties like fried cheese or wings, will you need foods to feed your family immediately or will you want the quantities to please the individuals at the parties? In some case, the deep fryer means to make you spend more time for cooking in the accordance with the quantities.

If you tend to use the deep fryer some larger things such as turkeys or chickens, you may need the deep fryer, which is able to deal with the size purchased. Also, you should buy the deep fryer with numerous baskets to cook a lot of foods at the same time.


This factor must be put in the top concern when purchasing the deep fryer. While other kitchen appliances may cause some danger of fire when you are careless, the deep fryer is extremely prone and sensitive to fire. One of the deep fryers highly recommended for the users is electric deep fryer; it may be safer but still remains some risks at all.

If you are not careful, the oil in the pot may boil over or combust. Therefore, you should find out the electric deep fryer attached with some safety features like the mechanism of automatic turn off when the oil reaches to the higher temperature than that of standard.

For the best, you should get carefully the instructions and follow them. For the temperature of the deep fryer, you should keep an eye all times to ensure there is no explosion.

Higher Power

The electric deep fryer will be more powerful heating factor if getting the higher rating. This will support heating the oil to the expected temperature quickly enough. Then, when adding the food, the oil may come back to get the quicker temperature. This is a main key to get the better performance


You might want to get a set finance going to the search, so you will know which choices to consider. The most possible option may be the smaller electric deep fryer, but it is only a great choice if they can meet your demands. The larger electric deep fryer, air fryer, or the propane fryer may cost much in some place, with the range of 100$ to 200$. Also, you are possibly looking for some accessories so as to do everything as expectation.

Ease Of Use And Hygiene

You have to keep in your mind that taking hygiene for the deep fryer will not be a hobby with fun. Some sample may have parts, which are detachable or dishwasher safe to take the easier process. In addition, you should take into serious consideration the ease of draining the deep fryer.

Oil draining is often tedious and messy, but some model may simplify the process of draining, this means that you are easier to dispose the oil in the pot.

Time To Heat

The electric deep fryer often takes time longer to heat the oil compared to the propane fryers, the longer to back the heat up to the boil again when the food is added. In some circumstances, the additional time is a minor issue, but for some customers, it would be the considerable value added for the comfort of faster frying time.

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Top Of The Most Special Tricks To Use The Air Fryer Effectively


Today, housewives are no longer busy with so many new stages for a hearty meal. Just have all the necessary items, you will save a lot of time to cook. By owning the smart device such as air fryer, the women can be able to make the delicious as well as ensure the health safety problem for all the members in family.

The article below will cover some special tricks, as well as the air fryer review, particularly Philips air fryer review in order to assist the users to select the most standard device.

Maybe we’ll be more familiar with electric cooker, non-stick pans, induction cooker but it is sure that the automated fryer is not yet known widely. Automatic fryer and cooker have many similarities, but each type will perform different tasks.

The Air Fryer With Clear Lip

During cold weather or rainy days, fried foods (fried) are many more options. However, the majority of users feel worried as eating oily food. Furthermore there may be burning accidents during processing or dirty grease around the kitchen fire.

Automatic fryer was born as one of the remarkable remedies to deal with this situation. The reason that the user has not used these types of pot is because prices are quite high, as well as to scrub too much after use. In particular, we are quite familiar with traditional cooking habits. This article will address two key issues in order to sum up the experience as well as scouring buy properly for user devices.

Tips For Choosing The Air Fryer

Although the product has not yet widely used, such as rice cookers on the market but also its type, size, as well as price is quite rich. Thing you need to consider first is the amount of money you plan to invest for this device? Then we need to consider the next most commonly using purpose.

If the product is deployed to fry the whole chicken in the family reunion dinner, choose the larger pot size. Also to use fried potatoes or chopped the small chicken piece.

Should users choose what kind of pot which can be able to provide the heat from a far distance rather than the type with the quick heating capacity? Because the heat is supplied from the hot oil until cooked food will come from inside to the outside, not the outside, but the fire was too underdone inside as requested, food will taste better than a lot .

If you have the good financial conditions, should you give the priority in order to select the type of pot with “tank” mobile oil? You will easily disassemble and sanitation facilities can utilize excess oil after each fry. You can imagine the “pool” like skillet oil in a rice cooker.

The Biggest Reason Why You Should Use Automated Fryer

It is sure that one of the most remarkable which encourages you to deploy the machine is the high safety level it brings to you. It is best to take your eyes on the machine which is designed with the hook spreader clarity wait drain fat foods or the sustainable handle. Considering the weight of the device is as important as the previous task due to the fact that it reduces the state of breaking of the machine during the time of operating it.

How To Clean The Air Fryer

There is no doubt when saying the process of cleaning the air fryer is much more time- consuming than the conventional device. In order to remain the durability of the device, should you choose the one which is detachable for conveniently wash as well as remove all the stain on its surface. Should you use the warm water for ensuring the efficiency of cleaning?

After getting around the website Family Nano, how do you feel now? We are sure that all of you provide with yourself the basic information on how to utilize the air fryer efficiently for a long time. Family Nano is the special website which is taking in charging of introducing about the kitchen accessories for consumers around the world.

With the broad network, as well as the strong belief from all the purchasers between countries, the website is worth considering as one of the brochure for anyone who desires to select the appropriate accessories for their kitchen space.

The Best Notes When Using Food Dehydrator


As we now some kind of fruits is good for health. However, to keep fruits in a long time is a problem of many people because fresh fruits won’t retain for a long time. So the work of choosing a food dehydrator is necessary, it helps you keep nutrient in fruits and make sure for your health.

Now, in this article, we will introduce to you some advantages of food dehydrator. You can consider and then choose the best dehydrator for you to use in your family.

How To Use Food Dehydrator

Intelligent control system with LCD display. Drying temperature from 40-70 degrees. Timer up to 36 hours

Effect Of Dried Fruit

The food is dried will keep longer than it is not. You are anxious about the problem of losing nutrients in food. But with dehydrator, nutrient will keep and maintain in food after the process of drying.

Note When Using Food Dehydrator

The dried fruit should not exceed 3/4 of the tray surface and 1/4 the thickness of the tray. So you should prepare many tray to put fruits into this machine.

When using this product, you should pay attention to the time of using. Depend on the characteristic of food and then set suitable time. With some food that is easy and fast, you should set short time. So product is not to much waste electricity.

The Usage Of Food Dehydrator

The food dehydrator help dry food, fruits into type of drying. And then it will retain the quality of sugar and nutrient that is available in fruits.

You can use some kind of fruits that is dried and connect with hot water in winter to enjoy.

According to have food dehydrator, you won’t be anxious about the spoil of fruits because it keeps it for a long time.

The Pros Of Food Dehydrator

It is small and compact. When having a food dehydrator in your family, you can put in any position in your family without affecting much space or another places. You can use anytime you want with the control of automatic activity, so it can be easy control temperature of drying and some another activity.

The time of using is long and stable. By the work of application technology into the checking progress, so it is difficult to make mistake.

The color, odor don’t change. When using food dehydrator, color, odor and nutrient of product won’t change because the time to dry is faster than normal machine.

On the other hand, it saves energy to consume. By using technology inverter technology. It saves much energy, temperature inverter and exact humidity help this machine operate stably, fruits, food have good quality.

The Material To Dry

It is an inox layer is used in the process of drying. It is made of stainless and make sure safe food.

The food dehydrator is more and more popular in this times because of the big benefits it brings. It is easy to preserve, make sure nutrient for people to use.

There are many methods to dry, however some handmade method is it depends on weather and bring the value isn’t good. Buying a food dehydrator and then we can limit these things.

For a long time ago, people waste much time in drying food and fruit and it demands so much progress. But now, with the improvement of this machine, you just slice food and fruits into many pieces and then put them into each different tray, after waiting about thirty minutes until food is dried, you give them in refrigerator.

Daniel Thorn is a famous cook in a hotel. With his experience in preserving food, he said that this product is so useful that each family should have. For people who always meet difficulties in preserving food and keep food for a long time, you should use dehydrator to keep food. For this product, you can dried food and maintain nutrient in food to make sure the health for your body. Owning this product and then you won’t anxious about the spoiled food. You can khttps://homemention.com/best-food-dehydrator/eep it or put it in refrigerate. It is good way for women.

How To Decorate The Cool Interior Kitchen In Summer Days

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Kitchen design according to some rules of space not only help scientists better cooking but also conducive to the health and peace of the family members.

The kitchen has a very important position in the house. This is where the whole family gathered together eating common meals and chat after hours of work stress. Kitchen design not only helps correct rule for the home neat and more scientific but also conducive to the health and bring harmony, wealth for the family.

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Help You How To Design Luxurious Kitchen Space

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Previously, the kitchen is often put in a corner in the house, even being separated from the main space, being discriminated against is very clear. Thinking back also sorry for this space, just because equipment and ways of cooking time immemorial are too backward with wood smoke and soot.

So, what is related to the kitchen is not worth showing off. Pots and dark, ugly. Full stove soot and nothing fancy. A space only gray tones are dominant.

When urban is further progress, kitchen space is snuggled other major space. However, the kitchen is still “isolated” where the latter’s house long tube.

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The Best Guideline For You To Design Beautiful Kitchen

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Kitchen space is increasingly being addressed when designing building a house, the kitchen is where most homeowners invest both financially as well as design. In addition to the classic design, the kitchen was designed in a modern style is increasingly popular.

Links Living And Kitchen Space

Nowadays, life is busy, the kitchen has become the public space of the whole family. Therefore, the kitchen design space associated with living room, open kitchen is more focused.

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The Best Guideline Design A Kitchen With Natural Beauty


Today, with more chaos and life, the kitchen form the natural beauty close to more popular. Homemaker can both cook funding just watching and harmony in nature helps relieve stress effectively. Here are some samples of typical kitchen design with modern kitchen cabinets that we want to introduce to you.

The kitchen was designed templates closeness to nature help you both can cook just to help relieve stress. The large glass door to help all members can zoom eye to the outside while cooking or dine inside the home.

You can also refer to the material using granite for kitchen help cool as well as more natural. Continue reading “The Best Guideline Design A Kitchen With Natural Beauty”

The Best Way To Decorate A Nice Kitchen

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Do not fret if you own a small kitchen, the designers refer below to find solutions for themselves. If you own a small kitchen, do not rush upset by the new creative style will help you rid the worries about the area. Here is a very interesting design and many smart interior design world.

They are the leading experts in delivering the perfect balance of light and is a master in the transmission of natural warmth to the artificial.

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